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Proper way to tie your belt

Tie Your Belt Video

Step by Step Instructions to tie your belt Correctly

  1. Take the belt that’s folded
  2. Let it unfold in half
  3. If there is a label have the label facing you
  4. Reach around behind pulling the belt while keeping it nice and flat
  5. Take the right hand passing over the first loop passing around the back one more time keeping the belt tight and laying it flat
  6. Then lay it flat in the front
  7. The piece on top gets tucked behind both loops and is pulled up
  8. Give it a tug to get it nice and tight
  9. The bottom end, or the back end or the second part
  10. Goes underneath around the top and through the hole or loop that has formed pulling outward slightly bellow each hip
  11. Then set belt is tied
  12. This is how we do our belt